Acupuncture is a treating technique based on the Chinese Medicine. This medicine is very traditional, related and faithful to the culture that created it. The Chinese culture has two philosophies and thoughts that have influenced and still influence decisively our medicine: Confucianism and Taoism.

. Confucianism began to develop around the sixth century BC thanks to Kong Fu Zi (Confucius). This philosophy dictates very strict moral standards based on the family and the human body. According to Confucius, family and body are sacred and untouchable.
Taoism. Is believed that its origin is due to the philosopher Lao Tzu, born around year 571 BC, and therefore Tse Kung contemporary. The Taoist philosophy helps us understand the human body, health and disease, in constant reference to nature. Are the Taoists who express that acting according to nature helps to increase physical resistance, prevents disease and delays aging.

The classical basis of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are:
- The theory of opposites or Yin and Yang
- The theory of the five elements
- The theory of channels and collaterals or meridians

In recent years, scientific studies have shown that acupuncture has a significant effect on the peripheral nervous system and that following the base of neurophysiology, effective treatments can be designed on these bases. These findings have enabled to progress in studies as for the scientific bases of acupuncture and also to improve traditional acupuncture treatments.

ENERGIMED doesn't only stick to tradition; we are willing to move forward in order to provide more options for the cure and improvement of diseases and dysfunctions of the human body. For this reason we have incorporated innovative technologies into our regular acupuncture treatments.

In our practice, following these methods does not mean we leave aside conventional medicine methods of diagnosis, because as doctors, we perform them systematically. Chinese Medicine diagnosis methods will enable us to get to know which is the syndrome, according to the Chinese Medicine, which upsets the patient to then find a treatment:
- Anamnesis or medical history
Using the same questions of western medicine and some more related to Chinese Medicine such as heat or cold sensation, worsening depending on the weather, emotions, etc.
- Patient exploration
We will observe features different from the usual ones such as face colour, smell of the patient, red and pale areas, etc.
- Tongue
The tongue indicates the patient‘s energetic situation at the time of the visit. It is a very accurate diagnosis in which we observe the colour of the tongue, movement, shape, type of coat, etc.
- Pulse
The pulse diagnosis is made by palpation of the radial artery at both wrists and gives us information of the internal organs, depending on the quality of the pulse at different positions.

After reaching a diagnosis, in ENERGIMED we decide, establish and agree with the patient a specific treatment under the different therapies available, which include:
- Acupuncture
Application of acupuncture needles in acupuncture points to influence and balance meridians and internal organs.
- Moxibustion
Application of heat through sagebrush on acupuncture points and in certain areas. It is mainly used in diseases due to cold or moisture.
- Cupping
Application of cups by vacuum in certain areas to improve energy and blood circulation but also to release blockages.
- Diet Therapy
Under the same Chinese Medicine basis, Chinese dietary therapy is closely linked to seasons and climate of each area. Diet based on Chinese Medicine teaches us what to eat when we have an imbalance, helps us to improve it and especially and most importantly, explains what we should not eat to avoid getting worse.

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