Acupuncture has been gaining prestige over the last few years for its success when treating fertility. Today we are aware that acupuncture can have much interest in these types of treatment and at different levels:
1- Increase the fertility of both women and men
2- Increase the possibility of success in conventional fertility treatments

Why is acupuncture so effective?
Scientific studies have proven that acupuncture has a large local effect because of the insertion of thin needles in a specific area of the body. Applying thin needles for a certain period of time, for example in the lower abdominal area, improves the blood circulation and helps the energy flow in this area. This provides better function in the internal female genital organs.

We also are aware that acupuncture can regulate the autonomic or vegetative system, the system that regulates the functioning of internal organs. To improve fertility with acupuncture treatments needles are placed in points that have influence on nerve roots of this system, and mainly located on the legs and the sacrum area.

But studies have also shown that acupuncture releases endorphins in the central nervous system and that enhances the feeling of calmness and general patients’s welfare. This is a very important effect when improving fertility, especially if assisted reproduction treatments are required which often create, especially in women, stress and anxiety.

ENERGIMED has specialized in this type of treatment for a long time. We perform them both from our clinic in Av.Diagonal in Barcelona and from Clinica Salut de la Dona Dexeus, where we work together with relevant specialists in the field.

In a recently presented study at Col·legi de Metges in Barcelona, we reported the results obtained from an complementary acupuncture treatment in 38 patients receiving different techniques of assisted reproduction at Clínica Salut de la Dona Dexeus. While it is still a study with relatively few patients and that is only descriptive at the moment, we can conclude the following:

- Acupuncture has a positive effect on the pregnancy rate in our patients in combination with assisted reproductive techniques. We have obtained a 50% overall pregnancy rate compared to 37% without complementary acupuncture treatment.
- Acupuncture is well accepted and tolerated by our patients, there have been no complications or side effects.
- Acupuncture can be performed easily and in combination of assisted reproduction clinics, making the treatment more comfortable and less distressing for the patient.

"Agujas para la fecundación in Vitro" (IVF) Article published in La Varguardia 8th december 2014
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