The word physiotherapy comes from the Greek and is the union of: physis, meaning nature and therapeia, treatment.

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is one of the health sciences devoted to the study of life, health and human diseases related to body movement. It is characterized by the research of the proper development of the body's movement functions, where good or bad performance affects human body kinetics.

Physiotherapy treatment can be good when we have lost or we are about to loose our body’s proper movement but also if we want to prevent any problems in our musculoskeletal system.

The treatment we offer is varied and individualized using especially manual therapy: mobilization, stretching, massotherapy, kinesiotaping and combined sessions of physio / acupuncture, in which the anti-inflammatory acupuncture treatment increases the effects of the rehabilitation exercises.

- Recommended in all types of disease or dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system, as sole treatment or as complementary therapy to other treatments.

Physiotherapist, accredited in acupuncture
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