Osteopathy is a holistic therapy that sees the body as a whole and is based on the theory that all body systems work in a coordinated and interrelated way. This means that some disorders may affect other systems and treating one can also improve those related. General principles of osteopathy are:
- Body acts as a holistic unit.
- Body structure affects its function and vice versa.
- Body has self regulatory mechanisms (homeostasis).
- Body is always seeking for its repair, although disease alters it.
- The movement of body fluids is essential for maintaining health.
- Nerves play an important role in the control of body fluids.

Treatment involves a series of gentle manipulations, designed to relieve pain, restore function, and promote health and wellness. These manipulations of the musculoskeletal system can improve system problems and also cure or alleviate disease or dysfunction of vital organs. Manipulations, which in our clinic are always smooth and free of forced movements, help to revitalize blood supply in a certain area or organ and return the normal mobility degree in a failed joint.

There are different types of osteopathy:
- Structural: musculoskeletal apparatus.
- Cranio-sacral: cranial problems and their influence on the nervous system.
- Visceral: Focused to organs and viscera (manipulations to improve blood flow).

In your first visit to ENERGIMED we will evaluate the problem and plan the treatment. This treatment might require just one session, or in the case of an acute problem we might recommend 4 to 8 sessions, scheduled at least every 15 days in the case of chronic pathologies.

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