ENERGIMED is a group of Medical Doctor and health professionals exclusively dedicated to the world of health.
We work for a medicine that integrates conventional and natural techniques, in order to improve pathologies in the most natural and less aggressive way.

ENERGIMED is focused towards medical aid, of global accompaniment and respect for our patients. We actively and eagerly work on this line.
Our team is formed by:
- Dr. Isabel Giralt, Medical Doctor, Acupuncturist and director of ENERGIMED
- Dr. Silvia Cayuela, Medical Doctor and Acupuncturist
- Dr. Blanca Sarasà, Medical Doctor, Acupuncturist and Homeopathist
- Dr. Gilda Carvajal, Medical Doctor and Acupuncturist
- Dr. Rosa Ros, Medical Doctor, specialized in sexual and reproductive health
- Sandra Domínguez, Odontologist, expert in emotional acupuncture
- Tissa Rosa Ratera, Osteopath
- Cristina Pons, Nutritionist
- Manuela Picazo, Podiatrist, foot biomechanics and reflexology
- Gemma Boix, Physiotherapist, accredited in Acupuncture
- Conxita Burriel, Recepcionist
- Rosa Mañas, Recepcionist
ENERGIMED, Clinic of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine, arises from ENERGI, an acupuncture practice founded in 1986 in Barcelona.

ENERGIMED was born after Isabel Giralt, graduated in medicine and student of acupuncture since her third year of university, came back to Barcelona after undertaking a course of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, with Dr. Radha Thambirajah in England. Today, ENERGIMED is a group of doctors and professionals within the field of the health, experts in health preservation and in healing and support of many diseases and dysfunctions.

The services we offer at our clinic are:

- Acupuncture
- Fertility
- Support service for cancer treatments
- Homeopathy
- Osteopathy
- Emotional Acupuncture
- Dietetics and Nutrition
- Service of gynaecology and sexual health
- Physiotherapy
- Podology

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 620, 4rt 2a - 08007 Barcelona - Tel 93 458 29 75 / 93 532 04 83 - fax 93 458 29 75 - info@energimed.cat
Velàzquez 3, local - 08930 Sant Adrià de Besòs - Tel 93 021 85 17 / 600 20 67 17 - santadria@energimed.cat (Metro L2  Sant Adrià/Artigues)
ENERGIMED 2007 SLP - NIF B-63148142 - Incrita en el registre mercantil de Barcelona Tomo 39742, foli 0052 , full B-353207